Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Day at the Park.

Isaac and Meaghan enjoyed the first REAL day of Spring (first warm weather of the season) today at the Brewer Park. It was Isaac's first true playground experience. He loved it! He absolutely loved the excitement of so many other children. He made a few friends but was most interested in the bark mulch (see photos below for proof of this).

Isaac surprised me with his confidence in exploring all the large (and I would think - fairly daunting) playground equipment. He navigated it like a pro and often had more confidence in his abilities than was good for him! But I was pleased to see that he has no known fears and no feelings of inadequacy.

As for Meaghan, oh my sweet Meaghan... she is growing up ... and was VERY friendly with a boy from her school. I snapped a photo that speaks volumes ... and has me worried that my baby is growing up. Time to lock her in the closet, right?

Enjoy the photos.



Sunday, April 08, 2007

Isaac's First Easter!

Isaac enjoyed his Easter basket from Grandma Bobo & Poppy on "Easter-Eve". To see photos of his first Easter basket from the Easter bunny ... please click here.


Monday, April 02, 2007


Halis and my very first date was April 14, 1995 at Funworld in Nashua, NH. It is a huge arcade. I was just 15 years old. Halis was 16 and had his drivers license for just a week or two. So, Funworld is a major part of our history ... though it is likely one of the tackiest places on earth.
A couple years ago, we took Meaghan there ... and this past weekend, we took Isaac. It is becoming a family tradition to make pilgramages to this hallowed ground (where the Sirimoglu-Renshaw family first began).

Isaac and Meaghan both loved it. Although we didn't have much time ... and the arcade gave both of us old folks major headaches ... we still managed to have some fun...