Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Article I Wrote Before Isaac Came Home

Who hasn't "googled" their name on the internet? If you haven't, you'll be surprised by what you may find. I google my name every once in a while to find out what the world thinks I am up to. Here is what I found today:


It is an article that I wrote regarding my fundraising efforts during Isaac's adoption. Wow, what a different space Halis and I were in at that time. Our son wasn't home yet, and every thought and deed centered on trying to get him home. Now he is home safe and happy, and every thought and deed centers on raising him in a nurturing atmosphere.

The above article was featured in at least 3 newspapers and a couple of internet sites. We raised about $500 for Isaac's orphanage. But better than that, we raised alot of awareness regarding the plight of Haiti and Haitian adoption. I still have people come up to me to ask questions about adoption because they remember the article. I am thankful! Sometimes, in our local area, people will come to Isaac and say, "I saw your picture in the paper when you were still in Haiti." It is wonderful that he gets recognized. It opens dialogue.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Isaac Gets His Day in Court!

On Wednesday, September 27th, 2006, Isaac will be readopted in the state of Maine. Though he is already considered a US citizen and his adoption has been recognized by the United States, this readoption is necessary in order to change his name, secure his Social Security number and obtain a US passport. On this day his name will officially be changed from Watson Metellus to Isaac Watson Renshaw-Sirimoglu.

We are SO excited! This is the last time we have to petition the courts for anything related to Isaac's adoption. Hooray! (But we still have to endure 3 more home visits from a caseworker before he is considered completely "ours". Ugh!)

Anyway, for anyone interested in attending, we are going to celebrate this occassion with a visit to the Maine Discovery Museum and lunch at Portla's (both in downtown Bangor). The Superior Court proceeding is at 9am on Sept. 27 (Click HERE for directions). It should last about an hour (including pictures taken with the judge). Afterward we will walk over to the museum and then walk over to Portla's at lunchtime.

Admission to the museum is $5 per person and lunch at Portla's usually runs just $5 per person as well.