Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Fun-filled Wednesday.

Wednesday is always a favorite for Isaac. He attends a special dance class and then gets to visit with his favorite horses at a local farm. But today was even more special, as he also got to hang out with his favorite girl, Rose. Her Mommy is the dance teacher. The classes take place in a studio at their home.

Here he is playing with the parachute at his dance class:

Here are his fellow *adorable* classmates:

Here is Isaac pointing to his favorite horse. We feed them carrots every Wednesday. They are very sweet horses ... and really BIG!

Rose just loves Isaac. And Isaac loves her ... but not so much when he is eating :)

After lunch, Rose's Mom, Summer and I were chatting ... and when it seemed like we were able to chat longer than usual, I went and checked on our all-too-quiet children. This is how I found them:

Summer had a great idea to go for a walk on the lake. It was a beautiful 40 degrees today (awesome weather for February in Maine).

Thank you Rose, Summer, horses & classmates for a great day today! We look forward to next Wednesday :)




Angela said...

I love the picture of Rose hugging him while he is eating. That is too cute.

chuckrates said...

This post made Summer and I extremely happy. Great photos! Thank you!!!

Jodi Renshaw said...

So glad you liked it Chuck & Summer (& Rose). You guys are wonderful and we feel blessed to know you.

Lots of Love,
Jodi & Isaac