Thursday, October 26, 2006

Isaac Befriends the Seagulls of Bangor

Last Tuesday, Isaac and I took a stroll by the Penobscot River in Bangor in an effort to befriend some seagulls. It was such a great time! I took some video of Isaac chasing the seagulls and throwing foood for them. I will upload it later. But for now, here are some sweet photos:


Kristina said...

How sweet! Your pictures are so precious! I love the one from the back with all the birds in the distance! Thanks for sharing.

Angela said...

Beautiful pictures. Maine is such a beautiful place. I agree with Kristina. I love the shot of him from the back with all the birds flying in front of him.

Jodi Renshaw said...

Thank you ladies :) I used that exact picture in a calendar that I made for his Grammy Bobo for Christmas. I think she will love it.