Monday, November 06, 2006

Isaac's First Halloween

Have you ever seen a more gorgeous giraffe in all your life?

Isaac had a great time trick-or-treating. Although he was initially thoroughly confused at the idea that we would walk up to the front door of someone's house, knock on it, and then NOT enter into it once they had opened the door. However, he soon adjusted to the fact that we were not staying over at anyone's house, but rather, we were just looking for them to hand us some candy!

And even more than that, Isaac had no idea what candy was or why he might want some. Yeah for Mommy and Daddy! More candy for us. But by the fourth or fifth house, he got the idea that once a stranger handed you a treat, you then put it into your "trick-or-treat" bag and then saunter off to the next house. He just had a great time walking around and yelling "Hello!" to all of the other kids out walking the streets ... no matter how funny or scary they looked.

We also dropped by our local fire station for an ice cream and some apple cider. That was the highlight of Isaac's evening!


Tire Warehouse Talent Pool said...

What a cutie pettuty! Makes me smile every time I look at that sweet face. Donna W. - TWC, Keene, NH

Kristina said...

I LOVE giraffes!!!! What a cutie! i wondered how Jonas would act with all the Halloween stuff. Thanks for answering that!
Though I do know he LOVES candy. ugh. Dentist bills here we come. LOL

PADDY said...

Great photos, glad to see everyone doing great! Isaac's getting so grown up looking!

Angela said...

What an adorable giraffe!!